5th Edition
In the Tent, by Lucie Lučanská (Czechia)
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Jury highlights

Of the winner’s submission, the jury praised the richness of the visual elements, with a range of registers which vary according to the book’s changing needs, without ever losing their internal coherence. The delicacy and singularity of the way scenarios and natural elements were represented, as well as the originality of the colour palette, were two visual elements that the jury emphasised.

"We also highlighted the author's skilled narration of the story, including the creation of characters and situations, and her ability to develop a relationship of complicity with the reader through the use of humor and surprise."

Johanna Schaible, Isabel Minhós Martins and Paula Estorninho (jury of the 5th edition)

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The author

The author


Lucie Lučanská

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Lucie Lučanská (b. 1990) is an illustrator who lives in Prague. She does drawing, comics, books, watercolor, airbrush, risography, tattoos and more. Freelance. Often changes media and technology. Likes making books on nature, kindness and magic.

Special mentions

The following projects were awarded a Special Mention:

"Todos juntos" by Maria Nogueira (Portugal), "Mecánica Ilustrada" by Marina Montero (Spain) and "Sale el sol" by Gerald Espinoza and Reyva Franco (Venezuela).

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