The deadline for submitting applications for 2023 has passed. The next edition will be in 2025.

1. Scope of the competition

Proposals for illustrated albums presenting an original concept and/or narrative are eligible for the Award. 

Proposals that contain only text will not be accepted, but proposals without any written text (also known as silent books) will be considered valid. 

Picturebook submissions need not be exclusively aimed at children and/or young adults, but they must not exclude this readership. Proposals with the potential to capture a broader audience through their approach and richness will be especially valued.

2. Entrants

Submissions will be accepted from authors and illustrators aged 18 or above, of any nationality, with or without published work. Employees of the organizing entities are not eligible to enter. Participants may submit any number of works.

Entries may be submitted by one or more authors, individually or in teams, but each text can only be entered once, meaning that a given text cannot be entered more than once, even if accompanied by different illustrations.

3. Characteristics of the works

The dimensions, techniques and formats are at the discretion of the authors. However, priority will be given to projects that, in their future production, do not require the use of more complex production techniques (such as pop ups, books with cuts or folds).

Submissions should not exceed 40 pages, including endsheets* (optional), title page, and credits page.

Works for submission must be unpublished and may not be simultaneously under consideration for any other publishing prizes that could result in the production and publication of a book. Works for submission may, however, have already been awarded prizes or received mentions in other competitions, as long as these awards do not interfere with the book’s publication.

Works must be submitted in Portuguese, English or Spanish.

* ‘Endsheets’ are understood as the opening and closing pages of a book. These pages usually contain visual elements only and do not form part of the main body of the book.

4. Entry submissions

Applications must be submitted online using the form available at

Following submission, entrants will receive an electronic confirmation of receipt.

Technical anomalies affecting proper receipt of submissions are considered beyond the remit of the organising entities which, therefore, will not assume responsibility in such cases.

5. Submission contents

Using the submission form, entrants should upload the following:

– A PDF mock-up with a complete draft of the project, including front and back cover. This mock-up should contain the text paginated in its entirety and a minimum of three double-page spreads* from inside the book with final illustrations. The remaining pages should be presented in draft form, in black and white or in colour. 

The PDF file should be formatted in double-page spreads and must not exceed 10 MB.

* ‘Double page spread’ is understood as the left + right pages of a book when it is open. The pages may have been developed individually or as a single image spread across two pages.

6. Competition schedule

Entries must be submitted by September 29th.
The jury's decision will be announced on October 31 via the organizers' websites.

7. Composition of the jury

The jury will comprise one representative of Serpa City Council, one member of the Planeta Tangerina team and one personality of recognised merit in the areas of children’s illustration and/or literature, as appointed by Planeta Tangerina. The decision of the jury shall be final.

8. Award

A single cash prize of €4,000 will be awarded to the winning submission. Of this total, €1,500 corresponds to an advance on copyright for the publication of the first edition of the work in Portugal by the publisher Planeta Tangerina, which will sign the necessary publication contract(s) with the winning author(s).

The award therefore includes the publication of the book in Portuguese by the same publisher, which may also negotiate its sale to other languages and countries. Any subsequent editions (in Portuguese or in other languages) will be governed by the above-mentioned contract and its terms of payment.

Special Mentions, without monetary renumeration, may also be awarded.

The jury reserves the right not to award the prize for reasons of quality.

9. Prize payment

The prize money will be paid upon delivery of the finished work for publication. The work will be subject to and governed by a publishing contract, signed between the author(s) and the publisher Planeta Tangerina. Planeta Tangerina shall have priority in the publication of any Special Mention projects for a period of one year.

10. Winners' obligations

The winner(s) undertake(s) to complete the work for publication by the end of March 2024, and to work closely with the publisher Planeta Tangerina, respecting the production deadlines established for the book’s timely publication.

11. Data protection

The personal data gathered as part of this competition will be processed by the organisers, who are responsible for its proper handling. Data gathered from the Entry Form is destined for the registration of submissions and processing of the prize, including the announcement of the winning entry, and will thus be kept for the period required for the proper fulfilment of the processes described and associated legal obligations. In an effort to guarantee the secure treatment of personal data, the organisers have implemented the technical and organised security measures considered necessary for processing activities. Data gathered as part of this process will not be transferred to third parties without entrants’ prior consent. 

Participants give authorization for their submitted works to be reproduced for publicity relating to the competition.

12. Issues not covered

Participation in the competition implies knowledge and full acceptance of these rules of participation. Any question not covered by these rules will be decided by the jury or by the organization of the Prize.

14. Organizing entities

Serpa City Council
Publisher Planeta Tangerina

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