1st edition
"Mana" (Sis), by Joana Estrela (Portugal)
May 2016

Jury highlights

The jury saw "Mana" as a good example of the chameleon-like nature of picturebooks, due to its ability to absorb a wide variety of expressions, both with pictures and words.

"The short, colloquial text with a sense of humor, together with the author's graphic universe - stripped back and seemingly simple, but revealing a certain consistency and with narrative potential - made this book worthy of publication."

Kitty Crowther, Isabel Minhós Martins and Paula Estorninho (members of the 1st edition jury)

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The author

The author


Joana Estrela

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Born in Penafiel in 1990, Joana Estrela started drawing family portraits at an early age, writing funny subtitles to go along with them. One of her classic birthday gifts was a list of things-we-say-when-we-are-angry, applying the concept to different family members.

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