3rd edition
"Nham" (Chomp), by Nuria Pocero Malaga (Spain)
April 2020

Jury highlights

"We weren't looking for a particular illustration style, but we gave great importance to its role within the book. In other words, we asked ourselves: these images are beautiful, but are they simply decorative or do they actually have content that communicates with the reader? Are they exploring a new graphic language or are they too similar to the work of other illustrators?"

"The book Nham, won us over by its rhythm, freshness, surprise, humour, strength of graphic expression and the play between images and text. We believe it will be a pleasure to share this book among readers big and small."

Anna Castagnoli, Madalena Matoso and Paula Estorninho (members of the 3rd edition jury)

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The author

The author


Nuria Pocero Malaga (Nuppita Pittman)

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A self-confessed lover of books, paper, games, drawing, colour (and animals), Nuppita tries to combine all her passions into one. She has a dog called Epi. "Nham", the winning project of the 3rd edition of the Serpa Award, was her first book, published by Planeta Tangerina in 2020.

Special mentions

The following projects were awarded a Special Mention:

"No use for a broken fork" by Marco Quadri (Italy); "Prince hates it" by Hsuan-Chien Cheng (Taiwan) and "Where is the fish" by Beatrice Dietel (Germany).

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