2nd edition
“Fim? Isto não acaba assim” (The endfixer), by Noemi Vola (Italy)
May 2018

Jury highlights

"The chosen project is a rather original narrative, in which an idealistic narrator exposes his disappointment with story endings. While this narrator celebrates the endless possibilities within stories, a very pragmatic backstage team works in parallel to put an end to this story itself."

"We'd also like to highlight the dynamics and tension around the end of the book, when two opposing sides argue over the nature of the "end", making room for surprises and shifts on every page. The illustration work is equally solid, revealing the quality and skill of the illustrator."

Chris Haughton, Bernardo P. Carvalho and Paula Estorninho (members of the 2nd edition jury)

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The author

The author


Noemi Vola

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Noemi Vola was born in Bra (Italy) in 1993 and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. She has works published in Vogue Bambini, Biancoenero and Corraini Edizioni. At the moment she lives in Bologna, in the company of many friendly worms.

Special mentions

The following projects were awarded a Special Mention:

"Picnic" by Maria Ramos Bravo (Spain); "Ride" by Guilherme Frederico Karsten (Brazil) and "An Ideal Zoo" by Yiting Lee (Taiwan).

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