4th edition
"O primeiro dia" (The first day) by Henrique Coser Moreira (Brazil)
May 2022

Jury highlights

"We were looking for projects that would challenge expectations. An original story that was surprising both for its narrative and illustrations. A book with a fresh approach to the picturebook format and in which each part came together as a cohesive whole. The book "The first day" stood out for its simplicity and subtlety, as well as the way it explores the silent comic."

"We felt that the author approached the subject in an unusual way, exploring and transforming the moment of stepping out of the house into something light and magical, with humour and attention to detail."

Joana Estrela, Yara Kono and Paula Estorninho (jury of the 4th edition)

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The author

The author


Henrique Coser Moreira

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As a child he was very shy, quiet and observant. He always expressed himself better with drawings than with words. When he went to school, he used to spend his days drawing on the margins of books, in notebooks or on his own desk. Today, he is an illustrator and graphic designer. He is very interested in the editorial universe and in exploring the use of illustration as a means of communication. In 2022, Planeta Tangerina published his first book "O primeiro dia" — the winner of the 4th International Serpa Award for Picturebooks.

Honourable mentions

The jury highlighted the following projects:

"Mime" by Inês Machado and "In die welt hinau" by Beatrice Dietel.

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